Reading Settings

Using Reading Settings in wordpress, you can define the way that how your site will appear or display to the visitors. You can customize your own page as a home page to appear on the home page. In this Reading Settings video

Discussion Settings

Through Discussion Settings in Wordpress, you set the comments setting in your website or blog. For example, set the permission, who can post comments or who can not. In Discussion Settings video

Privacy Settings

Privacy Settings in wordpress is very powerful feature, very customizable and relate to "robots.txt" file. Through privacy settings, you can allow or disallow search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc, to index or not index your website in the search engines. In this Privacy Settings video,

Permalinks Settings

Permalinks are the very best feature for making SEO friendly URL structure. Google index SEO friendly URLs very quickly and display faster result. Remember one thing that, permalinks works if your server have mode_rewrite module enable. In this Permalinks Settings video,

Media Settings

Without images, may be your site looks incomplete. Media settings in wordpress is where you store your images or other media files. By default location is set to wp-countent/uploads, but you can change the location of media files storage location. In this Media Settings video

Find a Web Host For Your Wordpress Site

If you want a wordpress site, first thing you have to do is to find a web host. You can find free hosing on or can find your dedicated domain. In this video, i will show you the methods for finding a good web host.

How to create a wordpress plugin

In this tutorial, I'll teach you how to create a wordpress plugin. I'll create simple plugin for beginners point of view. Let's say our plugin name is acronym. The working of this plugin will be to display image instead of text.

So, to begin this development, you'll need a code editor like Dreamweaver. Please keep in mind that if you want to create any plugin, every time you'll have to document your plugin, so that your plugin could show on the plugin admin page. Place the following document registering code into the top of plugin file. Here is the code:

WordPress Theme Hacks And Tips

Wordpress was released as a blogging template in early days. Now developers has made the wordpress a very flexible tool for creating any type of website. In this tutorial, I'll tell you wordpress inner hacks, so let's start.

Conditional Tags in wordpress:

If you want to create a dynamic and flexible theme, then conditional tags will help you. Conditional tags are that let you define, how the content of your website that you'll put in your admin side will display on the font-end. Following are the sample uses of conditional tags:

Wordpress All In One SEO Plugin

This is essential plugin for every wordpress blog. If anyone wants that his wordpress blog should be top on the google or other search engines, so this plugin is the solution. Features of this search engine optimization plugin are:

10 PHP Tips To Improve Your Programming

After the introduction of PHP in 1995,php has become the hot cake for every web developers. In this tutorial, you'll learn about advanced php tricks and techniques to improve your programming. These tips are:

1. Using a SQL Injection Cheat sheet

You might be wonder that, why i am talking about database. Reason is that almost every php application require database to store data. So, what is SQL Injection, sql injection is a method of hacking in which  hackers put some code to your database for monitoring the data flow. Here is the complete Cheat Sheat.